Top 3 Tips for Your Recruiting Journey

As a student athlete entering the recruiting process, maintaining a level of professionalism is paramount. Professionalism is an intangible quality that will portray your character as an athlete and individual. In every relationship building process, it is important to place your best foot forward. The way you conduct yourself will have a lasting impression on the coaches you encounter. The lists of tips below have come from both collegiate athletes and coaches. We believe this could be of great benefit for you throughout your recruiting process.

1. Professionalism

Be a professional! Meeting coaches is a job interviews. Playing a collegiate sport is a full-time job, and you must show up everyday ready to help your program succeed. The best programs in the nation all require their athletes to maintain a level of professionalism, so that standards are held and goals are met.

2. Respecting Time

Time is the most precious commodity we all have; always be punctual and respectful for the time you give and are given. Coaches have many things they must juggle on a daily basis. They must keep up with work from their athletic departments, handle their teams on-field and off the field issues, and communicate with recruits. When you have a chance to communicate with a coach directly (call, in-person, text, email, etc.), you must make the most of the time you are given.

3. Proper Communication

Communication is everything! You have probably heard this phrase at some point, but it reigns true. How you communicate could be the difference in why a coach or recruiter selects you over another recruit. When you are typing something to a coach, do not use abbreviations such as: “lol”, “wryd”, or ”ttyl”. Again, act as if they are your boss because one day, they just might be. Avoid typos. Display basic writing skills, and show the coach you are ready for the academic challenge. Lastly always be yourself. People can sense when you are not being genuine, so never try to portray what you think coaches want, portray the real you something you are not. You are good enough!

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you will put these tips into practice to guide you along your recruitment journey. Here at Full Scope Media, we want to see all athletes elevate their potential to the next level. Let us know what you think about any of the tips in the comments and if there are any crucial tips we left out. Until next time, happy recruiting!

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